How We Operate

Factory New OEM Parts, Delivered Direct to You!

At Factory Supply Outlet, we’re able to offer Factory New OEM Parts at outlet prices because of the ultra efficient business model that we’ve built in the industrial distribution industry.

How do we do it?


At the base of our business is robust software systems and processes. We invest heavily in software and run at a 99.9% uptime - meaning our order processing doesn’t take brakes.


Instant System Communications

Direct connections with manufacturer business systems, provide instantly allocated inventory and order communications often before you can even hit the print button.


Intelligent Inventory Routing

Our Inventory management software instantly checks for the closest warehouse available location to you. While considering delivery and processing deadlines, we’re able to ensure that we make or beat delivery deadlines to get product in your hands faster.


Computer Auditing Every 30 minutes

Our Order Management Software audits all open and new orders every 30 minutes - and alerts our expeditors and special care team that a specific order - or line item - needs attention, well before a human would realize there’s a problem.


Direct Shipments

Because many orders are shipped directly to you from manufacturer stock, we’re able to pass on huge amounts of savings in shipping fees to our customers.


Full Transparency

We display the same information on our backend system, right on your order overview page. That means you see the same information that our customer care teams sees, with nothing hidden. Access your invoices, Estimated delivery dates, account information, and much more without waiting for anyone.


Help Hands When Needed

We all need some personalized attention sometimes. Because many of the many of our standard customer service requests are now self service (like accessing invoices) that leaves plenty of time and availability for helpful hands on the big stuff. We’re ready and willing to help!

Why Do We Focus So Much on Technology?

Let’s face it - the industrial distribution industry as a whole suffers from manual and human reliant processes.

And honestly, so did we.

But 5 years ago, we decided to change that. Back in the day, we used to have someone that was in charge of reviewing an actual minella folder of open orders. That person would then look at each one, go through the standard processes of checking inventory in different warehouses, checking shipping and transit times, create a shipping order, and then notify another human to start their processes…inefficient to say the least.

Now, all of that happens about 3 seconds after you click the “Submit Order” button on our website. Our systems automatically verify the shipping and billing address, calculate shipping transit times, allocate inventory, communicate commitments to the manufacturer, create a shipping order, and update order information to your dashboard…faster than you can click “Print”.

However, that does not mean there’s no one here to help when it's needed. When you need a human’s help, we get it, and we’re here. There are no chatbots to try to get through, or 15 buttons to click to get to a contact form. We understand those things are only more frustrating, so we promise we will not make you deal with it.

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